Anonymous said: Do you have instagram

A personal one I share wiht the people I’m closest too on here

I want to find soneone with the same birthday as me

Where are the virgos at?

This website is amazing

I’ve made real friends on here. Ive talked someone out of suicide because of tumblr. I’ve met someone in person because I found out he lived near me. I’ve Skyped, texted and spoke on the phone with numerous people. It’s crazy how we are all on different parts of the globe but can connect through this amazing place. I LOVE IT!



Good evening

The notes OMG

Anonymous said: You just showed me your face on snapchat. Completley ruined the blog for me. You're ugly as fuck.

Well that sucks to hear

I’m on snapchat for half an hour replying as they come in


Anonymous said: Hi, you don't reply on snapchat often

I try my best :(




loganwolf66 said: I know this is the second time I've said but you are sexy. I gotta no (because you've been keeping me busy) what is you preferred method of getting off?

Sitting on a face